Strategic Multi-Channel Communications Services

Marketing/PR Compass

Our deep dive process allows our team to immerse themselves in your business so we can chart the best marketing course for your growth and success.

Brand Identity

We identify the essence of each brand and offer strategies and tactics to emotionally connect with your audience. This process includes primary research into the brand’s foundation and identifying its mission, vision, and values.

Public Relations

Development and execution of public relations strategies including:

Media Relations 

Crisis Communications 

PR Events

Press Conferences

Spokesperson Training

Executive Media Preparation



Web Design / Development

Site Audit + Website Design and Functionality. UX + Mobile Peformance + Content Architecture


Competitor Research

Assessing the strengths, weaknesses and market positions of your competitors and evaluating the most effective way to depict your products and services as better solutions. 

Audience Persona Development

Exploring what your audience is thinking, feeling and doing when interacting with your brand and developing key messaging to align with each persona.

Email Marketing

Creating targeted and personalized messaging for separate audience segments, so customers get the right message at the right time to help them move toward the best  decision. 

Customer Experience Design

Assessing each interaction customers have with your brand — from marketing to sales, to fulfillment, to customer service — and finding areas to refine and improve. 

SEO Strategy

Increasing the visibility of your website to search engines through keyword research, content development, and analytics. 


Paid Search Strategy

Using an auction-based, PPC model to highlight your products and services through digital ads on search engine results pages such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.



We create campaigns that move people in memorable and effective ways. 


Social Media Planning + Execution

Social channel editorial content planning and execution.

Video production

Our seasoned team has produced award-winning videos for multi-channel execution. 

Analysis and Metrics Reporting

We ensure marketing and PR efforts are aligned with goals by regularly reviewing the website, social media, SEO, and email marketing performance. 

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